ATM Card

With  Allpoint®  you can access your accounts anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Make deposits, check balances, and transfer between accounts. With Heritage Bank’s Allpoint® ATM card you can make surcharge-free withdrawals at thousands of ATMs nationwide. Visit the ATM Locator at to see a list of eligible locations.


Feeling Free?  You now have thousands of surcharge-free ATMs coast to coast... We have added MoneyPass® in additon to Allpoint®.  

The MoneyPass ATM network has thousands of ATMs where you live, work and travel, giving you more choices for accessing your money, and all are surcharge-free!  Simply look for either the Allpoint or the MoneyPass logos and never pay a surcharge to access your money.   To find MoneyPass locations click here;for a listing of ATMs.


Allpoint MoneyPass logo