Personal Loans & Lines of Credit


Home Equity Credit Lines

This versatile loan program gives you the flexibility of a generous line of credit, low interest rates and tax benefits.*

What makes home equity financing so attractive at Heritage Bank of Nevada? Simply put, it’s choice and flexibility from start to finish, plus the potential benefit of tax-deductible interest.*

With a home equity line of credit, we give you a good way to tap into your equity, allowing you to put the money to use however you wish. You can borrow up to 75% of your home’s appraised value.

Home Improvements

Put your equity to work around the house. Remodel the kitchen, add another bedroom or begin a new landscaping project.

Major Purchases

Use your home equity financing for expensive purchases like remodeling your home, a new car, a recreational vehicle, a computer system, home theater system or perhaps new appliances.

Credit Consolidation

Save money by consolidating your existing loans and credit accounts. The amount you pay each month may be lower, so you save money on finance charges, and you may be able to deduct the interest.*

Major Expenses 

Finance school or college tuition for yourself or your family, or pay medical bills.


You could have that dream vacation you’ve never had.

Investment Opportunities

Use your equity financing to take advantage of an unexpected investment opportunity.

Mortgage Loans

See more information on our Home Loans page.

*Consult your tax advisor.
Please visit one of our locations or contact us for more information.


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